December 1st, 2018 | 6 p.m. | Portland, OR*





Baby crying. 

An overwhelming list of to do’s. 

Meetings. Meetings. Meetings. 

Phone calls that won’t stop ringing in your ears.

Traffic. People in your way. 

Time is money.  

No time to stop to just sit and read a book,

Let alone take a nap because you are running on 0.

No rest. 

Big mountains to climb. No time to stop.

Does life just seem to keep going and you can’t stop time?

You know you should read the Bible but honestly it’s kind of boring and things don’t seem to change when you read it. 

It doesn’t feel alive & active to you. It’s honestly just words on a page.

Does this sound like you? 

Does life seem to get in the way every time you desire to open the Word of God?  

Hunger to read the Word but “no time” you hear yourself say often. 

You could get a few extra minutes of sleep with those 20 minutes.

Amidst all this pain do you desire to just hear God’s voice? 

To feel him again. To even just FEEL something.

Maybe to remember what it used to be like. 

To remember what He thinks of you. Does He even think about you? A thought that creeps up in your mind.

You want to hear His sweet, gentle, kind voice and fall in love all over again. Because you did once long ago, but the First Love faded.

Do you want that? 

You can have it. 

Introducing the 2nd Wildflower Night: Hearing God’s Voice in the Wilderness

Come and hear stories of women who amidst the chaos, the brokenness, and the pain found God and can hear His voice everyday.
Arrive for a Spirit-filled evening of worship, story-telling, laughs, tears (bring tissues), and good food while reveling in God's Truth and learning that hearing His voice in the desert is possible no matter how dry things around you may seem.

So, what do you say? Are you coming? 

What does my ticket include?

Appetizer and Cheeseboard by Lena's Kitchen

Desserts by @angiebakes_pnw

Unlimited cups of Our Sunday Coffee

A beautiful night decorated by the one and only Olga Ozeruga of Eclectic Home Staging

Floral Design by Alisha Tkach of For the Love of Floral

Incredible and life-giving worship and teaching by Anastasia Fomenko

Hosted by Liana Mikah, founder of wildflower.

* Exact location will be provided once you purchase your ticket.


There is a seat with your name on it, all you need to do is bring yourself.

Recap of the 1st Wildflower. Night

Don’t miss out on a night you’ll never forget. I promise.