December 1st, 2018 | 5 p.m. | Portland, OR*


If you have ever felt like you are completely alone,

this story night is for you. 

If you have ever struggled with knowing your purpose,

this night is for you.

If you don't know your identity, whose you are,

you are welcome here.

If you feel like you're never enough, or that your story doesn't count,

let us prove to you that you are enough, and that your narrative DOES count. 

Before I ever launched wildflower. my heart behind stories has always been the freedom the story-teller receives when they share their story. Decades of hiding behind my narrative, God has led me to this – creating a space for women to come hear stories, tell their stories and experience the beautiful freedom in claiming your story. Behold, what I hope to be the first of many wildflower. story nights.

What is our purpose of story night?

Have you been listening to these lies? "No one cares", "I am all alone", "I'll never be enough". This is absolutely not true and I want you to experience the freedom I've experienced. My heart behind this event is that you'll leave feeling refreshed, inspired and holding onto the truth about who you are: that you are dearly loved and claimed Beloved by the One who created the Universe. And he cares about every little detail of your life including your mess ups (in fact He is going to use them - believe it or not). Do not delay the impact of your story, yes, your own personal story that the Author of your life has been delicately writing. It is not a finished story, it's a story in process and it's so worth telling. 

Arrive for a enchanting evening of worship, story-telling, laughs, tears (bring tissues), and good food while reveling in God's greatest love story: you.

So, what do you say? Are you coming? 

What does my ticket include?

Dinner by Lena's Kitchen

Unlimited cups of Our Sunday Coffee

A beautiful night decorated by the one and only Olga Ozeruga of Eclectic Home Staging

Floral Design by Alisha Tkach of For the Love of Floral

Incredible and life-giving worship and teaching by Anastasia Fomenko

Hosted by Liana Mikah, founder of wildflower.

* Exact location will be provided once you purchase your ticket.


There is a seat with your name on it, all you need to do is bring yourself.